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In the gcc, kuwait and saudi arabia are emerging markets, with other gcc members not far behind. Gcc retail sector report ardent advisory 3 table of contents topics page number foreword 4 key takeaways 5 market overview 7 demand drivers 9 outlook 11. Ai, connected devices, autonomous platforms, vr and robotics are in demand. Bank capital ratios are solid and a number of banks issued new tier 1 and tier 2 type capital securities in 2016 as part of the basel iii. Executive summary of the case study by 2014 the gcc s economic and social prosperity had positively impacted many sectors of the region, including the established and progressive retail sector. Declared a pandemic by the world health organisation who. This will be driven by economic and demographic needs, initiatives.

The gcc retail sector continues to remain an active contributor to the regions economic development. The current status and future of banking global banking. The economist intelligence unit special reports provide executives with practical business information on macroeconomic events, country affairs and issues affecting industries. Consumers in the gcc want to both look good and feel good, as is evidenced by the 10 per cent increase in spending on beauty and personal care products in 2016, compared to 2015, new data has shown.

Is coronavirus the newest threat to cybersecurity in the gcc. As a result, valueadded products proliferate at this middle stage in a countrys development. Import tariffs and localownership laws discouraged foreign competitors from entering the market. Opportunities for supply chain consolidation in gcc food. Retail disruption whats the outlook for the middle east. Free industry and industry reports from the economist.

This statistic describes the retail market size in the gulf cooperation council for 2014 and 2015 with a forecast until 2023. Analysis of financial performance and operations for fiscal years ended through june 2017 using company annual reports, planet retail database and other public sources. Of the three years 2015 17 analyzed in this report, the year 2017 is the strongest year for outsourcing. Gcc food industry february 22, 2017 we expect the gcc food sector to grow over the next few years though at a slower rate owing to the global economic climate. Between 2017 and 2022, che on outpatient services is predicted to grow at an annualized average rate of 7. According to the report of facility management expo 2015, as the fm industry continues to mature and develop in the region it is interesting to see the consistency of the responses across the years, as well as gain an insight into the growing. The continued maturity of the construction industry in gcc countries is pushing the demand for facility management services. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. The auto industry must find a way to balance accelerating innovation and financial survival. Gcc vehicle sales growth forecast to lag behind rest of.

Gcc retail industry report 2017 free download as pdf file. After witnessing a drop in 2016, retail sales are likely to grow at a slow pace in 2017. One of the major developments that the food industry is witnessing over the past few years is the. Amazon access to more than 450 physical pickup points and fresh food distribution centers. The gcc will experience the slowest vehicle sales growth of all subregions within the middle east and north africa region, according to a new report from bmi research.

Pulse of the fashion industry global fashion agenda. Gcc retail industry overview by sutherland global services. The size of the arabian gulf retail sector market is expected to see 4 per cent. Twitter facebook instagram youtube linkedin pdf of the newspaper. One of the major developments that the food industry is witnessing over the past few years is the increased preference for healthier and more need.

Crude oil industry of the gulf cooperation council statista. Sri lankan banking and nbfi sector report february 2020. Report talks about growth, market trends, progress, challenges, opportunities, technologies in use, growth forecast, major companies, upcoming companies and projects etc. On 7th august 2017, line investment and property llc signed a contract to invest in, and operate, the madinat zayed shopping centre in the capital, and will spend 11 million dh42 millionus. For this study, the gcc retail market is classified as shopping centers. Gcc retail industry, gcc luxury goods, gcc electronics goods, gcc grand malls, gcc shopping complexes, gcc gross leasing area gla, gcc international retailers, gcc food, gcc beverages and tobacco, gcc retail chains, gcc malls, gcc upscale malls, gcc franchise owners, gcc convenience stores, gcc. It profiles some of the renowned retail companies in the gcc. Middle east total retail 2017 9 which of the following have you done when shopping online using your smartphone. The new covid19 disease, commonly known as coronavirus, has become one of the most discussed subjects around the world in recent weeks.

Gcc demand trend in 2014, demand for light vehicles in the gcc rose fast in first half, but pace somewhat slowed down in second half, with full year growth of 7%, that took the cumulative growth from 2011 to 37% driven by high oil prices. The analysis and findings presented in this report are based on select third party deals database including, publicly. Global powers of retailing 2018 transformative change deloitte. Crude oil export volume from the uae 2010 2017 gdp contribution of the mining and quarrying oil and gas sector uae 20102018 breakeven oil price uae 20002020 by account. India food and grocery product opportunities stemming from. Euromonitor report on indias food retail industry projects steady upward growth of hypermarkets and supermarkets by 40 percent and 21. The world retail banking report 2018 wrbr 2018 from capgemini and efma, explores the intrusion from nonfinancial services players such as bigtechs that is signaling an industry shift and, in some cases, diminishing the relationships between banks and their customers. Global powers of retailing 2018 transformative change. This report is an update of alpen capitals gcc retail industry report. Government compensation in california reporting special. Large international retailers are expanding and increasing their presence in the region to compensate for the slow and sometimes negative growth in major retail. Gcc retail industry january 27, 2015 savana trading. Each report contains a broad overview followed by a detailed analysis of underlying issues. The gcc accounts for 20% of the global stone market.

In 2023, the retail market size for the gulf cooperation council was. Retail industry in gcc countries major trends, growth. Global itbpo outsourcing deals analysis annual analysis. While there are seemingly endless news stories about the. Overall, gcc banks financial fundamentals remain sound. Pursuant to gc 53891, the gcc report for the previous calendar year is due no later than april 30th if the special district did not have any paid employees, a gcc report is still required listing the unpaid. The good news is that gcc retailers havent yet pulled a number of levers that have. Deloitte gcc powers of construction 2017 if its fundable. The retail industry in the middle east and north africa mena is on the verge of a pivotal shift. Gcc retail industry january 27, 2015 the gcc retail sector is amongst the most promising and attractive sectors in the world. The potential impact of ai in the iddle ast 3 ai is going to be a big game changer in the global economy, and much of the value potential is up for grabs. Join us at our annual workshop on the future of retail in the gcc to identify and leverage the pockets of real growth in the region. In our opinion, supermarket hypermarket sales in the relatively underpenetrated markets, such as saudi arabia, qatar, oman, and kuwait, are likely to grow at a robust pace to 2018.

While the rapid growth of recent past may no longer be available, we believe that the insurance industry in the gcc is entering a more mature phase where good companies delivering value differentiation with cost. Gcc insurance industry december, 2017 we are quite optimistic about the prospects of gcc insurance industry. Outlook for the gulf and the global economy is a white paper written by the economist intelligence unit and sponsored by the qatar financial centre qfc authority. Although the sector is experiencing a slowdown, the longterm fundamentals of the sector remain strong and are expected to grow steadily through 2021. The number of employees in the food and beverages industry counts to about 44 thousand, representing about 10% of the total number of employees in the industry sector. The gcc in 2020 outlook for the gulf and the global economy. Government code gc 53891 requires cities, counties and special districts to submit an annual government compensation in california gcc report to the state controllers office sco. Gcc vehicle sales growth forecast to lag behind rest of mena bmi predicts that the kingdoms lifting of a ban on female drivers will not create a spike in car sales.

The gcc interiors industry is propelled by huge building projects across the region. This year we are seeing game changing developments not only in the sector but also with the industry players coming into the middle eastern retail market. The study elucidates the situation of gcc region and predicts the growth of its retail industry. Source pwc, total retail 2017 middle east report base 1,007 how does the middle east stack up against global. The overarching objective of the report is to provide a direction and guidance towards a better fashion industry. Gcc retail sector report ardent advisory 5 key takeaways the gcc retail sector has witnessed healthy growth, driven by high per capita gdp levels. Opportunity beyond the hype 2 full report ecommerce is the engine of global retail growth in 2017, the ecommerce industry came to the fore when it surpassed 10% of all global retail sales. As a starting point, the report provides a common fact base on the current sustainability performance of the industry. Deloitte gcc powers of construction 2017 if its fundable its feasible whilst business conditions are tougher today and project activity has been slowing down since 2015, the construction industry in the middle east region will sustain its workflow going forward. Banks are investing in customers and striking several fintech partnerships, many of which are bearing fruit. Our experts will not only provide the latest data and thought leadership to help you formulate new thinking. In the gcc, kuwait and saudi arabia are emerging markets, with other gcc members not. The report also covers recent trends, growth drivers and challenges in the industry. Gcc retail industry report 2017 gulf cooperation council.

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