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Differentiated instruction teachinglearning examples. Effective and differentiated instruction in mathematics. Differentiated instruction strategies pdf northwest. Thinking problembased learning contracting learning centers planning for differentiation tiering compacting accelerating enhancing content for.

Explore concrete examples of effective differentiation. Differentiated instruction teachinglearning examples 2009 template for writers 1. Here are four teaching strategies i use with my students to ensure that they are all successful. To help create lessons that engage and resonate with a diverse classroom, below are 20 differentiated instruction strategies and examples. Processhow students learn it is how students make sense or understand the information, ideas, and skills being studied it reflects student learning styles and preferences the process of learning varies, depending on how students learn on target. Ma of teaching and curriculum, american school of kosovo, kosovo. Differentiating curriculum and instruction for gifted and. The strategies provided in this booklet, on target. In any classroom, students will have a range of abilities, needs and interests. I divide the children according to their learning abilities. Differentiation allows all students to access the same classroom curriculum by providing entry points, learning tasks, and outcomes that are. Teacher can choose basically anything to label the.

Discuss the type of preparation that provides teachers with the requisite knowledge and skills to. Many of the strategies can be used in more than one area. Differentiated instruction strategies read naturally, inc. Instructional strategies that support differentiated. It can also be used as a stand alone activity for a unit on plants. So often, content teachers tell me, i teach information and not reading and writing. Pdf hasrul differentiated instruction strategies in english. Participants in this course, engaging all students with differentiated instruction, will explore many strategies and tools that will help them to plan lessons so that all. Pdf the challenges of using the differentiated instruction. Engaging all students with differentiated instruction. Students have to label the plant parts and read, complete, or write about the function of each plant part. Article pdf available in procedia social and behavioral sciences 11. This activity can be used in conjunction with my smartboard file plant parts and needs.

Differentiated instruction an overview androniki nistikaki efl teacher at 1st senior high school of vyronas ministry of education and religious affairs, culture and sports athens, greece 2. Differentiation instructional strategies tiered activities. For example, when my first graders are learning to do brainteasers, i. Description of tiered activities like differentiated instruction as a whole, tiered activities do not force students into ability boxes. Students use their fingers as a scale of one to five to express understanding. Below weve gathered a list of 50 differentiation strategies.

Differentiated instruction strategies carsonnewman college. Agenda differentiated instruction september 17, 2015 3. Instructional strategies that support differentiated instruction these strategies have been modified and expanded to be used with gregory and chapmans sixstep planning model for differentiated learning many of the strategies can be used in more than one area. Effective strategies for implementing differentiated. Strategies for reading, thinking, and writing to learn. They represent a brief glimpse into the array of ideas and strategies available to instructors who want to incorporate the concepts of differentiation into their classrooms. This is a good way of assessing the classs overall understanding without singling students out. Strategies that differentiate instruction, grades k4, are only a beginning. Instead, each student is assigned a particular task according to their readiness and comprehension learned by a preassessment.

Using this model of differentiated instruction, the teacher will constantly modify his or her classroom organization, curriculum. Differentiating instruction to reach all students rotation stations allow students to learn in a range of modalities, while making differentiation manageable for one teacher. The resource aims to contextualise differentiation and to suggest a number of strategies to support differentiated teaching and learning in the classroom. Differentiated instruction also allows teachers to begin to think and work smarter and more efficiently rather than trying to work harder to meet the needs of such a diverse student population. Her areas of expertise include braincompatible learning, differentiated instructional and assessment strategies, block scheduling, emotional intelligence, student motivation, rti tier one, collaborative learning, common core, renewal of secondary schools, enhancing teacher quality, coaching and mentoring, managing change, and building. Pdf differentiated instruction ppt ashe county schools.

Yamaguchi tomlinson and mctighe 2006 encourage teachers to use 4 design elements when differentiating instruction. It provides differentiation strategy, grouping strategy and strategies for students with learning disabilities. Est goals learn what the research says about differentiated instruction. Ontario ministry of education, student successlearning to 18 implementation, training and evaluation branch differentiated instruction teachinglearning examples health and physical education duration. Differentiated learning in numeracy and mathematics 215 kb keep up to date our newsletters provide the latest information on education news and events, as well as details of resources and activities to help you support your childs learning. It includes classroom scenarios that describe how teachers assess, plan and adapt their instruction to determine and address their students interests, learning needs and preferences.

Strategies that differentiate instruction, grades k4 is the eighth in the on target. Differentiated instruction and assessment also known as differentiated learning or, in education, simply, differentiation is a framework or philosophy for effective teaching that involves providing students with different avenues to acquiring content. Choral response is a very simple technique in which the teacher asks questions to the class as a whole and the students answer in unison. What is most likely to change in a differentiated classroom is how students gain access to core learning. This differentiated learning game is great for teaching, reinforcing andor practicing identifying nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Differentiation of teaching and learning helps addressing this problem by respecting the different levels that exist in the classroom, and by responding to the needs of each learner. He is a trained primary and secondary teacher and a. This differentiated instruction lesson plan provides learning strategies for students with numbers. Instructional strategies that support differentiation a summary of instructional strategies from carol ann tomlinson the differentiated classroom carol ann tomlinson presents the following strategies in chapter 7 and 8.

Differentiated instruction in the inclusive classroom kalpana thakur instructional strategies. Differentiated learning in numeracy and mathematics 2015. Instructional strategies that support differentiation. Provide different types of content by setting up learning stations divided sections of your classroom through which groups of students rotate. Differentiation includes a the design andor selection of curriculum, b the selection and use of instructional practices, including grouping strategies, varied resources, and variations to the pacing of. A proactive, flexible and studentcentered approach is the key to providing instruction that. Try the ones that best apply to you, depending on factors such as student age. This is the beginning of an index of similar in form and function to the teachthought learning model index.

Do different learning styles require differentiated teaching strategies. Participants go to the corner that most closely matches their own learning status and discuss what they know about the topic and why they chose to go there. Differentiated instruction strategies choral response. Apr 23, 2015 this zipped file is three tiered differentiated learning worksheets for plant parts. Its generally accepted that one mission of schooling is to help learners develop. Differentiated to fit varying levels in your classroom, this resource is great for centerworkshop time, small group andor independent practice. Differentiated instruction is any instructional strategy that recognizes and supports. Strategies for differentiating instruction differentiation is a process through which teachers enhance learning by matching student characteristics to instruction and assessment.

Guidelines for differentiating and the common core along with a freebie. Learning strategies are instructional strategies that have been developed to assist. Instruction for students with learning disabilities. The curriculum advocates the use of a broad range of active learning methodologies such as use of the environment, talk and. Teaching and learning strategies for differentiated. Classrooms in which students are active learners, decision makers and problem solvers are more natural and effective. A case study in the general education stages in saudi arabia. Differentiated instruction applies to all grade levels and subject areas, and it is critically important when teaching students to read and comprehend new or challenging text. Effective strategies for implementing differentiated instruction john munro university of melbourne, vic. Formative assessment strategies for every classroom and west high school staff, regina. Planning for differentiated instruction involves making informed decisions about the learning environment, instructional time, content, materials and resources, instructional strategies and evaluation procedures. Managing classrooms in order to teach a group with minimal interruptions is essential to teacher and student success.

Effective classrooms are ones in which students are. Strategies that differentiate instruction literacy leader. Differentiated instruction is an important tool for engaging students while. High quality differentiated instruction a checklist for. Strategies that differentiate instruction, grades 412 how can we begin to differentiate the process. Differentiation embraces many of the processes, strategies, and approaches. Available in a condensed and printable list for your desk, you can use 16 in most classes and the last four for math lessons. Differentiated classroom practice learning for all create opportunities for ongoing, timely feedback focused on the goals for learning develop each students independence and ownership of their learning. She suggests that these strategies may be used as frequent or occasional part of instruction in a differentiated classroom. Keywords differentiated instruction, technology, learning. The utilization of the thematic network analysis strategy reveals nine differentiated instruction strategies employed by the teachers that were. Differentiated instructional strategies to accommodate. Dr john munro is head of studies in exceptional learning and gifted in the graduate school of education at the university of melbourne. In a differentiated classroom, wholegroup instruction may also be used for introducing new ideas, when planning, and for sharing learning outcomes.

Pdf do different learning styles require differentiated. Plant parts differentiated instruction tiered worksheets. It provides different lab experiments to achieve the differentiate learning goal. My goal throughout all of this was to get these teachers to see the connection between language and learning in a new way.

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